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Global Digital Media Content Provider

Stellaris Int'l Ent. (Stellaris) is a showcase for independent digital media production, music and animation, spearheading new techniques and technology, a state-of-the-art motion picture studio, recording studio, and animation/motion capture studio for film and television production, music film scoring, and feature animation.  The flagship of the Company is Stellaris Studios, which in addition to being a state-of-the-art film, television, animation, and music studio, is designed to ensure that all products produced have full market penetration, especially in the emerging Faith-Based and Faith-Friendly markets.  In short, this model ensures the artistic quality and integrity of digital media production, while creating a business platform that ensures financial success.


The Company's mantra is to provide a platform to champion humanitarian causes by creating jobs and instilling a sense of purpose in everyone who chooses to believe and have faith.  Thus,  inspiring, motivating, and helping to change the human condition.  In addition, wherever applicable, beginning with Stellaris Studios - Stellaris is committed to implementing Green technology. 

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