Stellaris is the parent company and center hub of a very comprehensive wheel comprised of diverse independent spokes/companies. Each one has a different support mechanism, yet works in concert with the other spokes/companies to create maximum efficiency and maximum results toward reaching a common goal. Currently, there are ten (10) spokes to the Stellaris factory wheel.


Each company is set up as its own LLC, and has its own corporate structure, charter and profit-making formula. Each company is wholly owned by Stellaris, and each company can operate independently of each other, but their main agenda at all times is to support their sister companies and fulfill the parent company’s mission.


As the hub of the wheel that drives the machine, Stellaris operates as one big efficient factory. However, instead of making a widget, it produces global digital content with state-of-the-art technology, and then exploits and distributes the products via the most aggressive marketing and viral marketing campaigns to ensure success.


Success is defined as products/results that provide jobs, a return on investment, products/results that inspire, motivate, help positively change the human condition, and products/results that pay it forward and contribute to advancing humanitarian causes.


The first spoke, and one from which all the other companies will operate, is the flagship

company of the Stellaris Factory Wheel - Stellaris Studios.