Stellaris Studios is the Flagship company for Stellaris and the one from which all the other divisional companies will operate. At 58,530 sq. feet of production space (Live Action, Television, Animation, and Music Recording), the studio is the largest production facility in Las Vegas. It will also be more state-of-the art than any studio currently in operation anywhere, but with a very targeted purpose.


Stellaris Studios is a stand-alone structure housing all the necessary facilities and technology to produce any digital content from feature films, television, animation, motion capture, music, gaming, and much more. In addition, it is one of  the largest Green technologically driven film studios in the country, utilizing over 1900 computerized solar panels, generating over 1.3 million kWh per year.

By 2020 Stellaris will break ground on its Mega Studio, occupying over 100 acres on the Las Vegas Strip. 


Omni Digital Entertainment (ODE),  Imagines, Produces and Distributes, Television Commercials/Infomercials, Television Shows, Films, Documentaries, Original Internet Content, and Music, internationally, that entertains, informs and challenges individuals to reach for a higher level of life through the medium of Family-Valued Video/Film Art and Music.


Utilizing numerous relationships from Stellaris’ Divisional Companies that are involved with the production of any digital content, and the global distribution of that content, as well as decades of experience in all aspects of the Music Industry, we will Imagine and Implement the next big thing in Film, Television, and Streaming content through our sub-divisional company - TeleNet. We'll do the same with Music through our other sub-divisional company - N’Vision, and bring them to market via the Internet, Cable Distribution, Streaming and Retail Distribution. This will  include brick and mortar stores, where profitably practical, to gain maximum market share and profitability for all ODE Products. 


Stellaris Entertainment Finance is set up to be the conduit for all funds coming into Stellaris  that are earmarked for film and television projects.  Funds from SEF will also be used to fund outside projects that meet the Stellaris criteria for:


    1.    Good content

    2.    Properly structured

    3.    Commercial value

    4.    Manageable budget

    5.    Sound Exit Strategy 


The funds raised for SEF will come from both private and institutional lender sources, including Hedge funds, and from equity investors that come after the Company is established.


Stellaris Films produces high profile feature films for theatrical release, made-for-television films, DVD films in both rental and purchase markets, Hotel PPV, and Airline Distribution. These films will be produced on a continuous basis for the purpose of meeting the above-mentioned global demand, and for the primary goal of generating maximum revenue.  


These high profile films feature A-listed, bankable named actors for marquee and distribution purposes and to attract the targeted audience and ensure a greater return through revenue from the implementation of product placement and foreign pre-sales.


The animation film has long been accepted as a true art form and one that movie-goers embrace. Walt Disney created an empire on the cartoon. Today, however, animation, which includes Motion Capture, 3D-Imax, and other forms of visual and special effects, has become a major industry with no end in sight. In addition, due to the fact that Animation is typically rated as G or PG, it continuously caters to the larger portion of the market share. This equates to more revenue. However, Animation has also typically been the most expensive type of feature to produce which has confined it to the major least until now.  EDQ provides the following:

  • Instead of taking 2 to 3 years to produce an animated feature film….it now only takes 14 to 16 months.


  • Instead of using 150 to 200 animation artists…..with our new animation software we only need 10 to 12 animation artists.


  • Instead of a cost of $150M to $200M as in most Disney / Pixar feature animation films.…with our new software and overall animation solution the cost would only be $16M to $20M.


  • We can produce an animated feature film in 3D / 3D vs Disney 3D / 2D - which means “no need for 3D glasses.” Same or better than Disney quality !!


  • No one in the world - except Stellaris - has the Software or Capability​ to do this.


Stellar Publishing House is a full-services digital publishing company that:


1  Defines Authors

2. Publishes Manuscripts

3. Provides Ghost Writers

4. Produces EBooks

5. Copywrites


True North specializes in Faith-Based content, defined as Christian/Judaic Fundamentalism. 


The focus is to produce faith-based content to that dedicated market, while developing  content so as to appeal to the Secular/Mainstream marketplace, thus, helping to bridge the gap between the two sectors.  In this vein, True North works closely with Stellaris Films, OMNI Digital Entertainment, and IMAD to develop and implement spiritual and inspirational content as well as being charged with ensuring that the compelling messages from the films continue to be embraced by the market sectors.

In short, the goal of the Company is to develop, produce and distribute digital media content that fosters hope and inspiration to people around the world.

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Brandwood Global is the industry leading 360-degree SaaS solution for global brand and product placement deals with direct purchase by audiences to track ROI across all entertainment platforms without interruptions.


Brandwood Global provides multiple solutions to create an effective ecosystem for brands and products, content creators and studios, along with personalities and celebrities - to develop projects and events.


The company brings revenue to marketing dollars for brands by giving them the true return on investment based on direct sales from audience viewing of the content.  This is a win for content creators and distributors because we allow them to profit share from sales.

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In addition to providing events for the Company’s films, television shows, etc., to promote and create awareness, Media Force is the Company’s in-house full-services Marketing, Advertising and PR company.  


Without marketing, the best products in the world would never reach the targeted consumer.  Incredulously, most independent digital producers never focus on this one very simple fact.  They spend all their dollars on production and just assume that the world will embrace their product.  It doesn’t happen.  With Media Force, Stellaris and all its companies will drive the process and go to market aggressively. 



Unlike the other Divisional Companies that have in-line humanitarian based efforts within their set goals, Stellaris 501, as its name suggests, 

is “strictly” charity based and humanitarian-project driven.


In addition, Stellaris 501 is open to all humanitarian-type projects, not just those that have an entertainment or digital media  component to them. 


From the exposure generated by the success of the other Divisional Companies, Stellaris 501 will leverage that exposure to attract those charity-based projects whose activities are religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, helping Veterans, helping the Homeless, providing medical help, preventing cruelty to children, or preventing cruelty to animals (to name just a few).  That help will come in the form of either project financing, the providing of services from one or all of the Divisional Companies, or both.