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Board Member

Jeff Ross has extensive experience in studio management, feature film finance, production, screen writing, directing, producing, marketing, and distribution.


In his 40 years of experience in the film and television industry, Jeff has been an actor, feature film screenplay writer, script doctor, producer and director. He has also been an independent acting coach.

In the early part of his career, Jeff worked as a Hollywood Script Doctor and worked on and/or was part of many large productions, as well as authoring hundreds of screenplays. Some of the major companies he has worked for are Cinergi Pictures, Disney, Fox, and Universal.


As an Independent Producer, Jeff has had to acquire extensive experience in raising capital to finance films and television productions. As such, Stellaris Entertainment Finance was born. In that vein, as an Executive Producer and Film Consultant to other production companies, Jeff has assisted in raising money and in controlling the distribution of their film to ensure a return on investment.

Advisory Board Member 

Ted Squires - Ted Squires has spent the past 30 years as a leader in Christian publishing and ministry development. Known in the Christian publishing world as the man for ministries, Ted has developed worldwide Christian products for pastors and ministries that continue to impact lives for Jesus.  Currently, Ted is CEO of Christian Broadcast Network.  He has been a business advisor to several Fortune 100 companies, and today he is a personal advisor to President Trump.


Randy Turrow  is recognized by his peers as both an outstanding PGA Producer/Line Producer and DGA Unit Production Manager. Mr.Turrow’s early work at  the visual effects/CGI firm, Shockwave, included projects such as Titanic and Starship Troopers where Turrow learned the technical background necessary to help create and  manage VFX productions. Randy has served as a member of the Director’s Guild of American (DGA) Western Council, as former Chair of the DGA UPM/AD Mentor Committee and participated on both their UPM and Visual Effects Committees. He is also a winner of the DGA’s Council Award for Special Service, and served on several committees at the Producers Guild, including its FilmUSA Committee.

Victoria Claibourn’s skill and experience at mastering operational issues, along with her ability to help define the strategy that underpins the Company's vision, and then help take the lead in implementing it, makes her the perfect Secretary of Corporation for Stellaris.


Victoria is the kind of Producer every production needs and wants. Her people management, administrative skills, money management, and leadership abilities are what ensures a seamless and efficient production. In addition to being an incredible producer and writer, Victoria's administrative and business background stems from years in the legal profession.


Rudy Ruetigger needs little introduction.  His name is synonymous will never quitting and never giving up. Today, he is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the United States. It took years of fierce determination to overcome obstacles and criticisms, yet Rudy achieved his first dream - to attend Notre Dame and play football for the Fighting Irish. Rudy has appeared on various high profile nationally televised talk shows and radio shows across the country, is featured in national magazine publications, and has been honored with the key to many cities in the United States with special proclamations for his inspiration, commitment, and human spirit.


Bill Traylor has managed several National Record Labels.  During those years he worked closely with many Major Labels including Sony, Capital, Columbia and Entertainment One. He specializes in Television Production, Content Acquisition, Distribution and Monetization. Bill has hosted 8 TV Series with several winning Telly Awards. During his 45 year career, Bill has also created and managed 6 Record Labels and two leading distribution companies - growing one from $6 Million in sales to $20 Million within 2 years.  He has also owned, built and managed 3 Recording Studios - with one company growing to over 130 employees. 

John Grady has been a businessman in the Las Vegas community for the past 41 years. After 27 years of holding positions with various Insurance Companies, Mr. Grady built an Insurance Consulting Agency dealing with Employers of all sizes for all their employee benefit plans. The firm was acquired by Wells Fargo Financial Companies. In addition to building the company, Mr. Grady has sat on various Non Profit Boards as well as the Mayor’s Council for Film Industry Expansion. He joins Stellaris as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Board member advising the CEO on all business and financial matters for the company.

Board Member

Kevin Monroe Delehanty has been an entrepreneur in the business and entertainment world for over 30 years. The bulk of Mr. Delehanty's time has been spent as a commercial real estate broker and developer. Mr. Delehanty has been involved in the financing of several private companies including, most recently, an animation and feature film studio. His business acumen, management and organizational skills, along with his ability to discern lucrative and profitable projects, make Mr. Delehanty invaluable to the management team.


Mark Davis grew up as a pastor’s son in a mega church in the San Francisco Bay Area and, as a pastor’s son, he has had unique opportunities to see the impact of the church on all of us - both good and bad. Beneath all of that is a dedication to his faith and family values. He co-founded the Santa Cruz chapter of the Coalition for Traditional Values, and observed various projects come and go through traditional church marketing channels when his father served as the publisher for Gospel Light in the 90’s. Mark adds a depth of traditional business experience that brings broader perspective to motion picture projects and corporate branding. His experience and skill sets have been honed by serving roles such as CEO of a publicly traded company, game show developer, startup entrepreneur, the procurement of a seven-figure funding acquisition for an offshore development, and themed retail design consultant.


Richard Nicklaus is the recipient of the “Life Time Achievement Award” from the Recording Academy (Grammys) for “Outstanding Contributions To The Music Community.” With his background in computer technologies, since 1979 Mr. Nicklaus has been key to the groundbreaking concepts and technologies developed for EDQ.


In 2002, he worked with the AMD design team that created the real-time sampling-processing chip for music and video. He has collaborated in the development of computer generated musical applications and animation/rendering technologies for EDQ. Richard is an original member of the legendary rock group, The Kingsmen, most noted for their hit Louie Louie, called by some “the national anthem of Rock n Roll.”

Stephanie Weire – CEO and Founder of Brandwood Global.  She worked for over 7 years at Universal Pictures in Business Development for MCA/Universal’s feature film projects. She created The Domain Group in 2001 which is a legal and branding agency that was merged into BwG in 2017. The Domain Group handled the production and legal dealing for Amazon Studios, MGM, Sony, Netflix and other producers. Stephanie holds an Executive Juris Doctorate in Cyberlaw and Intellectual Property. Her Master of Science is in Education and her Bachelor of Arts is in English and Film Studies. Stephanie has worked on such films as Miles Davis Biopic, The Bourne Identity, Jurassic Park 2, and American Gods TV show.

Julie Kelai - Stellaris Management - has worked in the financial sector for over 26 years. She has specialized in commercial financing and trade.  She works with both domestic and international banks on special project financing and funding. Her specialties are in the areas of accounting and HR Services, and in employment law.